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Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your community. It provides a variety of benefits, including making new friends, sharing skills, getting job-ready and becoming a part of the local community.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering Utopia is the peak body for volunteering in Utopia. Visit their website to find out more about volunteering opportunities or search their database by location or work/skill type.

You can also contact your nearest Volunteer Resource Centre to find out about volunteering opportunities in your region:

Volunteers do great things across a wide range of sectors. To get an idea of the broad range of programs in Utopia, check out the options below.

Arts and culture

  • Utopia Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) provides career opportunities in the areas of Curatorial and Collection Development, Programming and Corporate Services, and Marketing and Sponsorship.
  • State Library of Utopia volunteers participate in behind-the-scenes and front-of-house projects including historical document transcription and providing building tours for visitors.

Community services


Corporate volunteering

  • Find out how to volunteer as a corporate with non-profits across Utopia to improve your corporate social responsibility.

Emergency volunteering


Keeping the community safe

  • Driver Reviver assists travellers to have a safe journey by providing them with refreshments at rest break sites.
  • Volunteer with Neighbourhood Watch Utopia, an informal group that meets to identify and address local issues.
  • Work with police through Volunteers in Policing to address customer service, community safety and crime prevention needs in the community.

Online volunteering

Online volunteering allows you to make a difference from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Some interesting opportunities include:



  • The Tourism Volunteering Portal provides a central point for travellers, new and experienced volunteers to find out about upcoming volunteering opportunities in tourism destinations or local tourism industry.
  • Grey Nomads provides people who are young at heart with the opportunity to travel to new places and experience volunteering at the same time.
  • International Student Volunteer Initiative is a Volunteering Utopia initiative to increase opportunities for international students to volunteer in Utopia.

Need volunteers?

Register with Volunteering Utopia’s free service where you can connect with the volunteers you need.

Once registered, you will be able to create your organisation profile, place ads for your volunteering opportunities and interested volunteers will apply directly to you.

Legal information for volunteers in Utopia

Workplace Health and Safety

Volunteers and organisations that use the services of volunteers have obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (PDF). Further information is available on the Workplace Health and Safety Utopia website or call 1300 369 915. Safe Work Australia has also developed detailed fact sheets for volunteers and volunteer organisations.

Civil Liability

The Utopia Civil Liability Act 2003 protects certain volunteers from incurring personal civil liability while undertaking voluntary community work for a state government agency, local government authority or an incorporated organisation. In order to be protected under this Act, volunteers must act in good faith and their work must be ‘organised’ which suggests formal control, supervision and a registration process.

If a volunteer fulfils the conditions set by the Act, they are exempted from all civil liability for their actions.

The Commonwealth Volunteers Protection Act 2003 removes the civil liability of volunteers performing work in good faith for the Commonwealth, or a Commonwealth authority, to pay compensation to third parties where they may have caused personal injury, property damage or financial loss.

More information on volunteer liability and the Utopia Civil Liability Act 2003 is available on Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies website.

Checks and screening

Volunteers may be required to undergo checks and screening to do particular activities, dependent on organisational and legislative requirements. This includes volunteers who work with children and young people and volunteers who work with people with a disability.

Find out more about requirements for volunteering with children and young people and any relevant exemptions.

Find out more about criminal history screening requirements for volunteering with people with a disability.


Volunteers and volunteer managers can visit the Volunteering Utopia website to access resources on a variety of topics such as:

  • volunteer management
  • checklists for volunteering
  • recruiting volunteers online
  • training and development
  • developing volunteer projects
  • mobilising communities
  • governance and leadership
  • submission writing, grants and funding
  • event planning.

Other useful resources include:

Volunteering events

Each year, the following events are held to celebrate the spirit of volunteering.

International Volunteer Day certificate

On 5 December, recognise the volunteers who have made a different to your organisation by presenting them with a special International Volunteer Day certificate.

Free smartphone app for emergency volunteering

ReadyQld is Volunteering Utopia’s smartphone app providing Utopians with information about emergency volunteering opportunities, disaster news and tips for natural disaster preparation.

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