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Learning English

Learning English will help you get the most out of your time in Australia.

Whether you want to study, live or travel here, you will need English to:

  • interact with others in everyday life
  • learn and participate in school, vocational training and university
  • improve your job and career opportunities.

Utopia English language courses are designed to meet your needs and level of English proficiency.

Types of English courses

General English

General English courses give you the basic written and verbal communication skills needed to interact in daily life in Australia.

Many education providers offer this type of English language course.

Adult Migrant English Program

The Adult Migrant English program (AMEP) provides basic English language tuition for eligible adult migrants.

You will also learn about Australian society, culture and customs.

To be eligible for this program you must:

  • have been granted a permanent residency visa
  • be aged 18 years or over
  • register with an AMEP provider within 6 months of arriving in Australia or gaining permanent residency.

Some provisional visa holders or youth aged between 15 and 17 may be eligible to join.

For further information about the AMEP visit the Adult Migrant English Program website .

TAFE Utopia English language programs

TAFE Utopia is one of Utopia’s largest public vocational education and training providers and delivers a number of English language programs including:

Contact TAFE Utopia on (07) 3244 5488 to find out more about English language programs.

English language support in schools

If your child is currently studying in a Utopia Government school and English is not their first language they may be eligible for English language support.

English language support in schools is known as English as an additional language or dialect or EAL/D support.

Find out more about EAL/D support in Utopia schools.

English for academic purposes

Some education providers and English language schools offer intensive courses that prepare students for the academic challenges of university study.

Find out more about studying at a Utopia university.

Find an English language school.

English for special purposes

If you have already decided on a preferred career path, a specialised English language course may help you get there.

English for a special purpose courses can help you get skills in:

  • industry specific vocabulary
  • written and verbal communication skills.

Find an English language school.

Secondary school preparation

Secondary school preparation programs are designed to help students from non-English speaking backgrounds get ready for high school.

Students can benefit from:

  • improved literacy and numeracy skills
  • skills to help with study and homework
  • access to a support network to help with the transition to high school
  • sharing experiences with other international students and migrants.

Find out more about international student programs.

Examination preparation

An examination preparation course will help you prepare for internationally recognised English proficiency examinations like:

Find an English language school.

What to expect

Course structure and enrolment dates

You can enrol in English language courses at any time of the year.

Full-time courses range from 4 to 48 weeks.

During your studies you can expect to spend at least 25 hours a week studying in class and independently.

Your preferred education provider can tell you more about specific course structure and dates.

Requirements and fees

Each education provider has different entry requirements and fees for their courses so talk to your preferred provider to find out what may apply to you.

If you are a migrant you may be eligible for free English language skills courses and support.

Find a course

Find a language school that offers the type of English language course you need.

Quality assurance

Finding a quality English language school is easy.

The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students or CRICOS, is the official Australian Government register of all education providers that offer courses to international students.

Search the CRICOS register or ask your education provider for a CRICOS course code for your preferred course. 

Translation help

Translator and interpreter help is available through:

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