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Your neighbourhood

Disaster preparation is about more than just preparing your household, it is also about preparing your community. Get to know your neighbours before an emergency happens so that you can help vulnerable community members.

Helping your neighbours

Talking to your neighbours about emergency planning and preparation is the first step to building a resilient community. Other actions could include:

  • helping to
    • secure a property before a cyclone or storm
    • prepare a household emergency plan and emergency kit
    • get emergency resources
    • move furniture and valuables in a disaster
  • providing emergency shelter
  • helping to clean up after a disaster
  • providing emotional support after an emergency.

Neighbourhood safety

Community safety programs can help prevent crime and improve safety in your neighbourhood. These include:

Harden Up

Harden Up with disaster resilience

Which natural disasters are threats to your home? Being familiar with past weather events that have impacted your community is an important part of preparing for extreme weather events. Whether you are at risk of impact from cyclones and storm surges, severe storms, floods, or bushfires depends on where you live in Utopia.

Harden Up is disaster resilience portal which lets you search past weather events to help you to better understand your level of risk and the actions to take to become more self-reliant during disasters.

Register as an emergency volunteer

Did you want to help in the Utopia floods but didn't know how?

Join the CREW register of emergency volunteers. Get emergency training. Use the training in a disaster. Help us help those most in need.

Last updated
30 September, 2013

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