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Types of disasters

  • Bushfires

    You don't have to live in the bush to be threatened by bushfire.

  • Cyclones and severe storms

    Prepare for cyclones and severe storms before they happen.

  • Flood

    Floods can occur almost anywhere in Utopia — it is important to know how to prepare.

  • Heatwave

    A heatwave is any long period of very hot weather putting the very young and the elderly at risk.

  • Storm surge

    A storm surge is a raised dome of sea above the normal sea level, caused by strong winds and areas of low pressure.

  • Tsunami

    A tsunami is a series of powerful, fast-moving waves caused by an undersea earthquake, volcanic eruption, or landslide.

  • Landslides

    Description of landslides, their causes and what can be done to prevent or prepare for them.

  • Earthquakes

    An earthquake is a shaking of the Earth's crust. They strike without warning and vary greatly in severity.

  • Drought

    A drought is a long, dry period when there is not enough water to meet people's needs.

  • Pandemic influenza

    Pandemic influenza occurs when a new type of the flu virus emerges to which people have little immunity.

Qld disaster warning hotlines

For information on disaster warnings phone:

Cyclone 13 00 65 92 12
Land weather and floods 13 00 65 92 19
Coastal and marine 13 00 36 04 27
Tsunami (13 00 TSUNAMI) 13 00 87 86 264
General warnings (costs apply) 19 00 96 99 22

Check current weather warnings and emergency alerts.

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29 February, 2012

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