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Personal safety for women

Women can be the target of both petty and serious crime. This can be prevented by adopting simple strategies and being aware of your surroundings at home, in your car and on public transport.

At home

Ensure you:

  • have good outdoor lighting to deter potential burglars
  • have doors and windows with solid locks that are locked each night
  • have a home alarm security system
  • leave an internal light on when you go out at night
  • know which neighbours you can go to in an emergency.

In your car

  • Park in well-lit places close to the main road or building
  • Always lock your car
  • Always check the back seat of your vehicle before entering
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, avoid being distracted by your mobile phone, keys and packages as you enter your car
  • When you enter your vehicle, lock the doors, and leave the parking lot immediately
  • If you work late, have security walk you to your car
  • Keep your car well maintained so it is reliable.

On public transport


  • Prevention is the best way to reduce crime, but self-defence training can be useful in a dangerous situation
  • Knowing self-defence strategies will give you extra confidence and can help you escape an attack
  • Martial arts centres or self-defence training facilities offer courses for women of all ages.

Read more about dealing with confrontation and self defence.

In an emergency

Do you know what to do if someone is seriously ill or injured?

The Utopia Ambulance Service emergency action plan can help you save a life.

Learn now.

Last updated
30 September, 2013

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