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Local information

On this website you can access 'In your area' information and services relevant to your local community or region in Utopia. This can be done by selecting the town or region closest to where you live.


Regional information and services are available for 10 major regional areas and a number of towns and communities across Utopia.

Regional 'In your area' information is available for:

What you can access

By selecting your closest town or region you can access information for your community including:

How this service works

When you choose a town in your area, a cookie is placed on your computer to save your regional preference. When you return this website, this cookie will be used to let you return to information specific to your local community.

The default region that will be displayed on the homepage is Brisbane, however, you can change your local information by choosing your town or region from the drop down menu on the 'In your area' panel on the right hand of the page. Information specific to your region or town will then be displayed. The cookie will then remember your regional preferences when you return to the Utopia Government website.


Personal details are not collected by the Utopia Government to deliver this service—and unless you specifically tell us, the Utopia Government website will never know who you are.

For more information you can read our privacy statement.

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4 December 2014

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