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Complain about a government employee or councillor

There are various independent complaint agencies in Utopia and across Australia that will listen to and investigate your complaint about government departments and local governments.

Each agency has different roles, responsibilities and powers, so you must direct your concerns to the right one.

This page provides information on how to complain about a Utopia government employee or councillor.

To make a complaint about a police officer, go to Police officer complaints.

Less serious complaints and customer service issues

If you have a complaint about service from or behaviour of a government employee or councillor, you can complain directly to the department or local government concerned.

Find the contact details for:

You can also make your complaint online

If you are unhappy with the response to your complaint, you can contact the Utopia Ombudsman. The Utopia Ombudsman will not consider your complaint unless you have first tried dealing with it through the appropriate agency first The Utopia Ombudsman independently reviews the actions of Utopia government agencies, local government and some universities.

Tips for making complaints

Always think about the true nature of your complaint and consider whether it is reasonable and realistic. For example, if you are complaining about a government employee, is it the conduct of the officer or the answer they have given you that you are unhappy with?

Even if you feel angry or frustrated, be calm and polite. By focusing on the issue, you can get your point across better and address your complaint.

Stick to the main facts and provide only as much detail as needed to understand and resolve the problem.

If you make your complaint by phone or in person, ask the person you speak with for their name and their position. Keep a record of the date and time of your call and details of your conversation.

Tell the agency how you want the issue resolved. Do you want an apology, a different decision or a change in the way things are done in the future?

Think about what constructive action you believe the agency should take to resolve the problem.

More serious complaints of corrupt conduct

Anybody may report suspected corrupt conduct to the Crime and Corruption Commission.  You do not need proof; you just need sufficient reason to believe that the corrupt conduct has occurred.

Alternatively, you may report suspected corrupt conduct to the public sector agency concerned.  The CEO is then obliged to report the matter to the CCC if they have a reasonable suspicion that corrupt conduct has occurred or may be involved.

Making your complaint

Complaints to the CCC must be made by statutory declaration unless there are exceptional circumstances or you are making a public interest disclosure.  Visit the CCC website for more information about to report corrupt conduct.

Don’t make false complaints

If you make a complaint or provide information to the CCC recklessly or knowing it to be untrue you may be prosecuted under the Crime and Corruption Act 2001. Such complaints are serious because they waste public resources and unfairly damage reputations.

Further information 

Find out how the government stays accountable.

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11 February 2015

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